BLUER Community Energy Reduction Challenge

Please join the efforts of your community and its government and business leaders by accepting the BLUER Challenge! We all have a responsibility to protect the safety and security of our community and its residents. Help us achieve West Chester’s goal of a cleaner community through energy and waste reduction. Plus, there’s no reason to let your hard-earned dollars leak out of your house when a few small efforts can avoid that loss AND keep you and your family more comfortable!

Take the BLUER Challenge by pledging to take three or more steps to prevent pollution and to promote a cleaner West Chester. Click here for ideas and to see how much money you might be wasting on your energy bills.

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The Pledge:

I pledge that, by September 1st, I will take the following three or more steps listed below to help prevent pollution to promote a cleaner West Chester.

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I intend to make the following changes (please pick at least three total):

Seal air leaks surrounding windows and doors
Lay attic insulation
Buy a hot water tank insulation wrap
Unplug devices to avoid phantom loads
When I'm home, run fans and the air conditioner at the same time, but set the AC 2-3 degrees higher
Keep my winter temp at 65 degrees when I'm home and 58 while I'm asleep or away (if you have a heat pump, read this: Living, EnergySavers
Keep shades and curtains closed in summer and during winter nights to act like insulation
Follow EnergyStar's advice and activate the power manage option on my computer and monitor

More Heating/Cooling Measures

Seal accessible heating/cooling ducts and insulate them
Avoid trying to “speed” heat or cool my home
Turn the thermostat up or down accordingly if I’m away an hour or longer
Decide what I want before opening the fridge/freezer

More Water-Saving/Heating Measures

Take shorter showers
Install faucet aerators
Wash clothes in cold water
Install low-flow showerheads
Wash only full loads in washers and dishwashers
Fix leaks
Turn down your hot water thermostat – ideally to 120 degrees
Insulate my hot water pipes

More General Measures

Turn off my PC monitor when I’ll be away for more than 20 minutes
Check and clean my dryer exhaust vent occasionally and remove lint after each load
Move any furniture placed over air registers

Yes – you may drop off a yard sign indicating I took the BLUER Challenge

You may recognize me publicly in the following ways (leave blank if you wish to remain anonymous):

a newspaper article that lists my name
a special event such as being recognized by Mayor Comitta or Borough Council

Once you submit this information, you’ll be taken to a coupon for Ace Hardware of West Chester, who has partnered with BLUER to offer you savings on materials you may need to complete the BLUER Challenge.